Differentiated Distressed and Catalyst-Driven Credit Investing

About Southpaw


Southpaw Asset Management LP ("Southpaw") is an investment manager focused on opportunistic corporate credit investments primarily in stressed and distressed securities. Southpaw places an emphasis on capital preservation through a disciplined, fundamental, bottoms-up based selection process and intensive risk management.

Southpaw was founded in 2005 by Howard Golden and Kevin Wyman (the "Founders"). The Founders have lengthy industry experience at firms including Chase Securities, Inc., Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc., CIBC Oppenheimer Corp. and MJ Whitman Senior Debt Corp.

Immediately prior to forming Southpaw in 2005, Mr. Golden and Mr. Wyman served as Managing Directors of Ramius Capital Group, LLC. During their five-year tenure at Ramius, they co-founded and headed the RCG Carpathia Master Fund, Ltd. and related assets which employed a Credit Opportunities/Distressed strategy.

The Founders are supported by a seasoned analyst team and experienced operations and support professionals.


Southpaw provides meaningfully differentiated exposure both in traditional corporate stressed and distressed opportunities and through our historically uncorrelated portfolio of liquidations and litigations. Our size allows us to be discriminating credit pickers of both large and small capitalization investment opportunities. Our disciplined approach to asset growth enables us to maximize position and portfolio liquidity by effectively managing position size. Capital preservation is a prime objective for the firm and the portfolio does not utilize leverage. A key risk management tool is Southpaw’s co-management approach, which requires a joint decision by the Founders on every buy and sell. The Portfolio Managers and many of the investment professionals have substantial creditor committee experience along with long standing sell-side relationships, which provides Southpaw with better execution and a "first look" on many investment opportunities.


Our Founders, Howard Golden and Kevin Wyman, are both left-handed, or "Southpaws".

A left-handed individual is often referred to as a Southpaw, particularly in a sports context. It is widely accepted that the term originated through the game of baseball. Ballparks were often designed so that batters faced east, which prevented the afternoon or evening sun from shining in their eyes. This meant that left-handed pitchers were throwing with an arm facing to the south – hence, the term, "Southpaw". In boxing, someone who boxes left-handed is frequently referred to as a Southpaw as well.